Sharmen Casper

Lead Administration

Sharmen Casper began her career in the Title Insurance Industry in the late 1970’s and remained in that line of work for 25 years. Casper began as a receptionist and worked her way up to become a licensed Escrow Officer and Manager of several branch offices. When her daughter was born after 25 years of the title insurance industry, she stayed home for many years. When her daughter was older she took a position with the Small Business Administration (SBA). She moved up to a special select group that handled all of the commercial loans and quickly moved up to become the official trainer for the closing department of the SBA. After 3 years with the SBA she decided to pursue another line of work and began working for a small Oil and Gas Law Firm in Dallas. During her time with this firm she met Scott Beckmen and worked very closely with him as he managed a group of Attorneys at the firm. She began working for Beckmen, Cherkassky, Dean & Associates (BCDA) in February of 2012. Casper continued on to join Beckmen Law P.C. where she manages the law firm and oversees its day to day operation.