shutterstock_96172775Energy Law is the core of our legal practice.

Beckmen Law is unique because all of our attorneys cut their teeth either as Field Landmen or In-House Landmen, providing a strong foundation based on the fundamentals of the Oil & Gas Industry. This foundation provides us with a thorough understanding of any potential deal and issue that could arise. As counselors to domestic and international energy leaders, we use our experience in all facets of the industry to guide a broad range of clients including:

  • Independent Producers
  • Major International Oil Companies and National Oil Companies
  • Energy Services Companies
  • Financial Institutions, Equity Funds and Royalty Trusts

  • Oil Field Service Companies
  • Midstream and Downstream Treating and Processing Operations
  • Transportation and Pipeline Companies
  • Refiners
  • Landowners

Our experience extends to oil and gas acreage, asset and entity acquisitions, and transactions involving exploration, production, development and transportation. The projects for which we have provided counsel include large, complex onshore energy ventures within the United States.

In connection with our energy counsel, our attorneys provide:

  • Acquisitions Counsel
  • Finance Counsel
  • Corporate and Operational Oil and Gas Counsel
  • Pipeline and Storage Representation
  • Liquid Natural Gas Counsel