Litigation can be costly, time consuming and emotionally draining. Delays frequently occur due to schedules, over-burdened court dockets, and the inability of parties to communicate and reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Alternative dispute resolution has emerged as a useful and powerful tool to assist parties in resolving their disputes and avoid a lengthy, expensive trial.

In fact, in the State of Texas, 70-80% of cases settle in mediation. Beckmen Law attorneys are qualified mediators, who assist parties and their counsel as a neutral, third-party expert and facilitate a settlement outside of a courtroom. Benefits to mediation are:

  • Parties Can Be Heard — In a trial, many facts that make up the story are never heard, due to rules of evidence and limited testimony. Mediation gives parties the opportunity to be heard, and allows them to gain an understanding of each party’s point of view.
  • Confidentiality — All issues discussed, notes taken, offers and outcomes in a mediation are confidential.
  • Empowering — At trial, the outcome falls into the hands of a judge and jury. Through mediation, parties work together to reach a mutually agreed upon outcome.
  • Saves Time — Not only are parties relieved the years-long legal process, courts favor mediation as well, as it lessens the load of their already heavy case dockets.
  • Both Sides Can Win — By reaching a mutual agreement, parties can avoid the “winlose” or “lose-lose” outcome that occurs in a trial setting.
  • Preserved Relationships — Because a mediated settlement addresses all parties’ interests, working and personal relationships can often be maintained.
  • Adherence — Parties are much more likely to follow a mutual agreement than a court-ordered outcome.
  • Cost Effective — The mediation process is significantly more cost effective than entering into ongoing litigation and trial.

Examples of areas of dispute in which Beckmen Law provides mediation services are:

  • Family Law
  • Workplace
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Injury
  • Business
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Contracts
  • Real Estate
  • School Conflict