With the ever increasing complexities of the tax code, many individuals and businesses turn to Beckmen Law for assistance in tax compliance, planning, and zealous representation in the event that a tax controversy arises.

Beckmen Law’s legal services include:

  • Tax-efficient business ownership and compensation plans
  • Tax advice and planning for clients starting, acquiring, or selling businesses
  • Due diligence assistance
  • Negotiation of the distribution of tax savings between parties

Noncompliance with tax regulations can carry stiff penalties. At Beckmen Law, we help our clients understand and navigate their tax compliance responsibilities. For example, under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), all U.S. taxpayers with more than $10,000 in a foreign bank account are required to report such accounts to the Internal Revenue Service on an annual basis. Similarly, employers who withhold federal income tax and FICA from their employees’ wages have the highest level of responsibility to remit those taxes to the IRS. When questions are raised by the IRS, we assist our clients through:

  • Audit representation
  • Negotiation of payment agreements and offers in compromise
  • Release of levies and liens
  • Appeals and protest hearings
  • Tax Court proceedings

Often, a tax matter can be efficiently resolved by the collaboration of a tax attorney who advises on the law and a tax preparer who advises on the practical constraints of tax reporting. We frequently work with our client’s accountant to implement a sound and practical approach to resolving IRS matters. Additionally, we have professional relationships with accounting firms, and frequently provide legal research and analysis to support the work of their CPAs when a particularly complex or novel area of tax law is encountered.